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sundin13 said:
KLAMarine said:

"Is it really so far-fetched that White Supremacy would be at the root of Black-on-Asian violence?"

>I'd be more prepared to blame black supremacy for black-on-Asian violence.

I like to hold people accountable for their own actions as well as beliefs.

Did you happen to read my post? 

If so, feel free to actually make an argument. If not, why are you responding to me?

Yes, I read your post hence I'm responding.

The idea that white supremacy lies at the root of black on Asian violence ignores the fact that white supremacy has also made acts of violence highly illegal and regularly punishes it in every day life.

All people have ultimate say on what they do with their fists so let's not try to shift culpability by pointing to some nebulous concept. It's okay to hold people, black or white, accountable for their own actions.