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mZuzek said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Which is what you'd have without the likes of City, Chelsea and PSG regardless. If that's what people think then they should hate Man Utd, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real etc. just as much. Anything less is a double standard. Money is money, it doesn't matter where or who it comes from.

Of course it matters where it comes from. Those other teams are famous and rich because they've been damn good at winning football games for a very long time. They became the top teams in their league through football played on the pitch, through good managers and projects. Maybe not quite the same for all of them, I don't know their inner workings, maybe there can be corruption involved with some of them, but whatever it is sure is a lot more subtle than "arab billionaire buys team that won the second division 7 times".

The part where you imply that Liverpool would suck if PSG didn't have oil money is just... reaching. Dude.

I don't see any reason that success generations ago should give them a divine right to have all the wealth and win everything these days. I also think capitalism > feudalism, same concept really.

No, the part where you implied Chelsea and City's title wins weren't on "merit" was "reaching". Money doesn't win trophies, they absolutely are earnt. If that wasn't the case then Utd with the vast amount they've spent since Fergie left would have won a few league titles by now, but they haven't...

Also, I didn't imply that Liverpool would suck. No idea where you read that. I said that PSG injecting money into the game was a contributing factor to their success, which is hard to deny (and also further proof that money alone doesn't win things, they also received a nice windfall when selling Torres to Chelsea but wasted the money that time, with Coutinho they spent it wisely and have profited from it). It also wasn't originally my idea... (Tifo is a good channel for football stuff, I'd recommend it)

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 30 May 2021