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Ka-pi96 said:

Still, it's incredibly ironic that people complain about "non-traditional" teams winning things and competing for the best players, but also complain about a competition thats purpose is to make it nigh impossible for anybody new to ever compete with an "elite" group of clubs. It's kind of contradictory.

Plus I'd definitely rather have teams like Man City and Chelsea make the Premier League interesting, than for it to be like the Bundesliga where there's not really much point watching it because you know Bayern will just win in the end anyway.

The issue isn't with non-traditional teams winning things, it's with these teams rising to the top by spending a fuckton of money they never earned on the pitch. No one has beef with Leicester winning the Premier League, because they did so on merit.

Chelsea and Manchester City only are what they are because of their billionaire owners throwing money at the club. You can't deny that. Out of these two, Chelsea at least has a bit more tradition, which is why most were rooting for them today, but they definitely wouldn't have gotten there without russian money.

So, it's not incredibly ironic at all. People don't like Chelsea and Manchester City (and PSG) for the same reason they didn't like the Super League - because they don't like it when money rules the game.


Glad to see Man City lose it. Not so glad that Chelsea is the alternative, but it is what it is I suppose. Lesser evil for me.

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