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Two months ago I had predicted that Bielefeld, Köln and Schalke would get relegated (Bielefeld in the playoff against the third-ranked team of the 2. Bundesliga). But what I didn't see coming back then was the total disaster for Werder Bremen. They were comfortably ahead of the relegation spots, but then earned only a single point over the course of the final ten games. They kept moving down the ranks and so it became probable that they would join Schalke on the final matchday, because between Bielefeld, Bremen and Schalke, it was Bremen who had the toughest game left. They broke down against Gladbach and trailed 0-4 after a good hour, so two late goals by them didn't change anything. What mattered was that Köln got the late lucky punch against Schalke and won 1-0; a draw by Köln would have kept Bremen on the playoff relegation spot, but who knows how much that would have mattered in the end. Bremen would have likely lost the playoff anyway, given their form curve.

And with that, the path is clear for Bayern Munich to snatch another Bundesliga record, being the team with the most games played in the Bundesliga. They'll get it on matchday 3 of the next season when they pass Werder Bremen.

It was good to see that Schalke bit the dust after sucking so much for so long, but this season ends on a sour note with Bremen getting relegated too. It doesn't look good for Bremen to get back into the 1. Bundesliga anytime soon, because they don't have money.

As for who is moving up into the 1. Bundesliga for season 2021/22, it's the return of Bochum, joined by the most successful 2. Bundesliga team of all time: Greuter Fürth. Although "most successful 2. Bundesliga team of all time" doesn't mean much, other than being stuck in this same league for the longest time, hence the highest amount of points accumulated in history. The relegation playoff will be played between Köln and Kiel, so yes, this was yet another year where Hamburg failed to return to Germany's first league. Third time in a row for them to blow it in the final third of the season.

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