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curl-6 said:
trunkswd said:

I wouldn't have called how well the Switch would be selling at this point in its life. I was thinking it would sell similar to the Wii lifetime and didn't imagine it would have a chance to surpass the DS or PS2. 

Yeah pre-launch I honestly thought the Switch would fail. Never imagined it would be in with a chance of outselling the PS2.

Imagine going back to 2016 and telling people the Wii U's successor would outsell the PS4, you'd be called delusional.

Once the Switch was unveiled and we saw the first year's lineup I knew it was going to be at a minimum a decent success. Having all the usual Nintendo games and mainline Pokemon games were going to sell a decent amount. The Switch is the first Nintendo platform I've owned since the N64 and Game Boy Color. I couldn't pass up Mario Odyssey as Mario 64 is my favorite Nintendo game of all time and the gen 1 Pokemon remakes as I loved Red / Blue / Yellow as a kid. 

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