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Trumpstyle said:

I first thouht this would be a bad idea, but The last of us 1 is still just PS3 graphic even with a remaster. A remake would make this PS5 graphic.

The last of us 2 wasn't a good game while the first 1 was just perfect. Having the remake in my PS5 collection would be great if I just could find the PS5 console :)

The game will look better (tlou2 engine running on ps5)

It will sound better (above)

It will play better (tlou2 gameplay ks juat leagues better than 1)

It will feel better (using haptics etc of the controller)

And it will be more accessible (accessibility options of tlou2 are unmatched, and tlou1 has almost none of the accessibility options)

The fact that it seems its meant to be included with tlou2 ps5 is just icing on the cake.