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Definitely Jackie Chan. I love his movies. Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon are awesome!

I think Bruce Lee is awesome as well, but I do tend to prefer comedies over more serious movies hence why Jackie takes the #1 spot for me. Probably doesn't really help that Bruce Lee is dead either. I mean, he'll never be in another movie, what he did was great, but there's nothing new to look forward to. While I grew up during what was probably Jackie's prime as an actor so not only could I enjoy his current films I could also get excited about what would come next.

Edit: Wanna throw in a mention to Tony Jaa too. I loved Ong-Bak. I don't think any of his later films have really lived up to that which is a bit disappointing, but still, that's definitely one of my favourite martial arts films ever so should at least mention him!

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 10 April 2021