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Xxain said:

I don't believe it. Even if it is true it would not be as great of a W as you think. Did you forget Death Stranding? So did everybody else, so I don't blame you.

Hideo Kojima was fired form Konami because of his ego and we saw that very same ego during the development of DS, months and months and month and months with nothing about the game but we did have the announcement of a 30 sec logo load up, game engine adventure, toyline, collabs, and strange for the sake of strange trailers. I remember when they finally showed gameplay footage at TGS I was so unimpressed that I thought Kojima was MGS2 level trolling us. Nope it was the real deal. Kojima definitely lost a lot of prestige and is just another Japanese developer that failed to find the level of critical and commercial success he did when he worked on the IPS that put him on the map. There is no reason to be excited for a Hideo Kojima game.

I mean, Death Stranding was pretty far from being my cup of tea, but looking at it objectively it was hardly a flop. Got an 82 on metacritic on PS4 and 86 on it's late PC release, was nominated for many awards and won 9 of them, had the biggest launch for a new IP in Japan the entire generation (beating out Sega's Judgment launch, the previous record holder, by about 40k copies), hit 3m+ players on PS4 within 5 months of release and made back it's budget and started turning a profit within 6 months of release, then sold another 477k on the first month of it's PC launch and has sold over 1m on PC now according to Steam Spy, with the publisher of the PC version reporting today that it brought in 23m euros in revenue for them. 

I think a Kojima exclusive would be a fairly big win for MS, should give them a decent boost in Japan considering that Death Stranding sold decently there, and should also do pretty well in the west. It might not be the biggest win in the history of gaming, but it's far from a bad deal for MS imo.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 07 April 2021