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Ka-pi96 said:

Great to get the win over Dortmund, just hope we can finish it off in the 2nd leg. Gotta say though, the ref wasn't great. Don't think Bellingham's goal should've been disallowed and if not for VAR we would've had a pretty ridiculous penalty too. Pretty crazy to think the ref was biased towards City during a UEFA match though

Not looking good for Liverpool, 3-1 and they didn't look good, especially defensively. I think Real should finish them off relatively easy in the 2nd leg. I don't see Real as likely winners though, certainly hope they don't win it at least, somebody else needs a turn!

Yeah, disallowing that Dortmund goal was a shocking decision.

Liverpool probably is dead and buried. Real Madrid are nothing special but at the moment we are dreadful beyond belief, have a really hard time believing we can turn this around.