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ice said:

This would make sense given how chummy Sony and Remedy were at the release of Control, a big get for Playstation. Rather them than Epic

I'm not a big fan of Epic, but the 2 upcoming Epic funded Remedy games are multiplat, they are releasing on consoles and PC, whereas according to Ed, this Sony exclusive is fully Playstation exclusive, won't be on PC, nor on other consoles after a year or two. 

Epic and Remedy actually worked out a pretty good deal together, Epic fully funds the development on the 2 Remedy games, Remedy keeps ownership of the IP's and has full creative control of the development process, once Epic gets their development and marketing budget back Remedy and Epic split profits 50/50. That is about as fair of a deal as a developer can get with a publisher honestly.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 05 April 2021