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Remedy currently has 4 teams developing 5 games:

  • Team #1- The small AAA team that developed Control, which has now moved on to developing a new AAA IP
  • Team #2- A small 15 person single A team called Vanguard, which is developing a co-op title on Unreal Engine 4 instead of Remedy's own Northlight engine
  • Team #3- A large AA/small AAA team that is currently developing the campaign for CrossFireX
  • Team #4- AAA team that is currently developing 2 games which were funded by Epic, one small and one large. Both games seem to be in the Remedy shared universe (Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Control), and the larger of the two is rumored to be Alan Wake 2.

So, what we've heard about the Sony exclusive Remedy game is that it is fully Playstation exclusive, not on PC or other consoles. Since Team #3 is developing the campaign for Xbox/PC exclusive CrossFireX, and team #4 is developing 2 games which were funded by Epic and will therefore be on Epic Store on PC, we can rule out team #3 and #4 as being the ones developing the Playstation exclusive. That leaves team #1 and team #2. Team #2 has been developing their co-op game since 2018 and this Sony exclusive sounds more recent than that, so I'm going to assume that the Sony exclusive is the new AAA IP from the small AAA team that made Control.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 05 April 2021