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I sometimes shy away from horizontal shmups unless there cute'em ups, or some form or of attraction ? I always stayed away from r type and darius because horizontal . I'm gonna own up and support horizontal shmups , I should stop ignoring most of them , heres my skill between both.

I'm ranked here.

Vertical shmups : top 100 leaderboards always or some form.

Horizontal shmups: I'm below average or get wrecked every second 

I know I should take my chances more but I'm always flustered at maybe I'll make a no deaths in stage 1 in r type final 2, I'll buy it too I'd expect to get my bottom handed to me 50 times in first stage before quiting and going back to vertical , it's like tactical rpg vs turn based rpg or strategic rpg of some sort?if I am a fan of rpg I guess I can have 1 preference or all ? some people prefer jrpg or wrpg? I prefer vertical shmups but will support horizontal since many love horizontal and many developers look up too r type horizontal accomplishments.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.