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mjk45 said:

The PS4 Japanese numbers were 3.17million, there's a platform breakdown in my earlier post and also a link to more detailed numbers.

Thanks! I didn't see that.

I guess digital was a bit higher on PS4 in Japan than Famitsu's estimates (about 37% by the looks of it, since it was about 2M at retail). No regional split for the XBO version, but considering how much of Xbox's global market share is from the U.S., it probably did at least a million in the U.S. just on the XBO, which if true would bring U.S. console sales to ~3.4M. Overall, non-Japanese console sales of MHW total about 7.2M copies.

I still wonder what this split means for Rise. Just because that many PS4 & XBO owners bought MHW doesn't necessarily mean Rise will do that well on the Switch. It will probably do at least as well as World in Japan, maybe even substantially better since the Switch is a vastly more popular platform than the PS4 in Japan, and it really could potentially challenge Freedom 3's 4.5M total. It's just a matter of it selling at least 5-6M everywhere else. I think 7M is probably the floor for global sales of the Switch version, but 10M+ is definitely possible. It all depends on if World's success outside of Japan wasn't a fluke and/or wasn't tied to it being on PS4 & XBO.

If it doesn't hit the 10M mark on the Switch, the PC version will definitely push it over the line.

EDIT: Also, the PC version didn't sell all that well in Japan. I guess PC gaming really isn't that big there.

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