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Ouroboros24 said:

Let's take Mario 3d allstars for instance. People online are mad, videos are being made, but Nintendo sees them as fickle, as most gamers are. Nintendo only needs to continue to announce new games for their bad controversy to go away. Nintendo knows that there will be people who are going to pirate games, but as most people who have ever pirated a Nintendo game, they know that the best way to play Nintendo games are with Nintendo consoles(Especially 3ds, DS generation). The people who pirate games aren't as vast as you'd think and the sales numbers suggest just that. Despite the bad press about Mario, Monster hunters rise just sold 4 million copies since Friday. Why? Because the global market doesn't care about that stuff. Those in the know like people on VG chartz that follow gaming trend, is actually very little compared to the casual global market. Then there are those in the know, like you or I, but just don't care because we're fickle. "Look at this new shiny thing, it's beautiful, isn't it?"

The real reason why Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise is unaffected by people outraged at Nintendo for delisting SMAS3D would shock you, so I won't say it.

Ouroboros24 said:

Nintendo games have a 4 month period of releasing a Nintendo game. By the time they drop, the hype train is in full swing. No one cares about #freemelee when Breath of the wild 2 is out. No one is pirating Splatoon 3 when you can play it on the real. No one is caring about pokemon low poly count when Pokemon legends Arceus is available. And those who do, are very little compared to the 81+ million switch owners who will continue to buy in the droves.

Unless tomorrow we find out that Miyamoto is a serial killer, no bad press is going to take down Nintendo and their wall of precedence it created for itself is strong and intact. And if you think that Nintendo is making dumb decisions because they're dumb, well remember this. While you think you're playing Nintendo, Nintendo is playing you.

Edit: Also, they don't do the stupid stuff that put them in the hot seat. They don't have people that say stupid stuff on interviews and on youtube. They don't embed themselves in politics and trends that are hot right now. They're low key, when it comes to bad controversy, stating something small and letting it be that way. Switch Pro? We have nothing in plan. That's it. Now we wait for it to drop.

Nintendo doesn't make the Pokemon games either.