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The_Liquid_Laser said:

This is an interesting categorization.  Probably the main thing that isn't quite so clear is what gets categorized as a "PC game" and what is "arcade evolution"?  I would probably call Animal Crossing a PC game, since it is a life sim.  However, it has never been available on PC.  On the other hand I'm not sure how I would categorize games like 3D Mario and 3D Zelda.  They don't feel like arcade evolved games or PC games to me.  I guess they are arcade evolved, but they are just a further iteration away from pure arcade games?

The other thing that isn't quite so clear is why Dreamcast and Gamecube are considered "Balance", while the N64 and Saturn are considered arcade evolution.  I do admit that I've never owned either a N64 or Saturn though.  From what I can tell N64 and Gamecube had very similar games, especially for the major releases.  Does this classification have more to do with third party games?  (But then again the Wii's third party library was not really strongly in the arcade evolution category.)  Dreamcast actually had a whole lot of arcade games: Marvel vs. Capcom, Powerstone, Guantlet: Dark Legacy, plenty of shmups, etc....

the arcade branch with Atari, Sega, Nintendo have one contender now: Nintendo. In Generation 3 and 4, Nintendo has a great conteder, pumped arcade game style, Sega. Now, Sega embraced the cinematograph games. Cinematograph games have pc roots.

The Pc branch with Sony, Microsoft, and Activision and EA pumped the games have a crowd competition. The Action Gun/Sword game with narrative direction it's a saturation point now. And the arcades base styles, have Nintendo with the leader of the segment. Race, Fighter, Platform, Zelda( besides Adveture or Rpg), Strategy, Sim, etc.

Animal Crosssing is arcade sim, because of short of times of play. the more simplification of rules.