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Verter said:
Ka-pi96 said:

[...]Part time minimum wage jobs aren't for making a living solely off of that. They're for either students, who can only work part time because they're busy with school still, or parents where one works full time but they'd like some extra money so the other one does a part time job while the kid's at school or something. Or I guess also for retired people who'd like a bit more money on top of their pensions, my grandparents kept working part time for a good few years after retirement in order to afford holidays and things.

Is it really that hard to make a living of a part-time job? Seeing how the situation is in Brazil, I guess that's true there, but one of the years I was living in the capital city of my country I only spent around 400-500€ a month, rent and all living expenses included. And that was the capital city, where prices are inflated a lot. Granted, I didn't have the fanciest apartment, but if I lived in a less centric place, I could definitely do it for less money and in a much better apartment, and I'd still have enough money to save every month. I'd be personally more than happy in that scenario, and all I'd need to get there would be a part-time job.

I said a minimum wage part time job.

You can definitely make a living off of a part time job. I only work part time myself, but I'm not on minimum wage. I think that would be pretty tricky on minimum wage though, unless you had something big going for you (like already owning your own home so no rent/mortgage payments).

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 23 March 2021