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SuaveSocialist said:
GameAnalyser said:

That's not usually the way I go about here. I tend to make my opinion matter foremost( I owe that to myself) and give credit to the critiques from top critics later. 

I tried that for Phase 1, and it was done so badly that I lost confidence in DC's ability to contribute to the medium.  If they want me to invest my attention in their sprawling cinematic franchise, they will have to consistently produce quality movies (I owe it to myself to have standards if I'm going to watch a dozen interconnected movies).  Until they prove themselves able, they do not have the privilege of my time.  It's been almost eight years and they haven't even been able to release two Certified Fresh movies in a row, whereas half of their movies are rightfully considered terrible (Source: ).  

Disney managed to release three CF Star Wars movies in roughly a third of the time.  It shouldn't have been hard for DC to do the same.  Oh, well.  Maybe they'll have their act together by 2023.

The last thing I'd say about Disney's Star Wars is that they "have their act together", but whatever RottenTomatoes says I guess.