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IcaroRibeiro said:
Ka-pi96 said:

People in most countries get paycheques once a month, hourly minimum wages still make more sense though. Lots of people work different hours, especially with part time jobs.

So people working 40 or 48 hours who are on minimum wage get paid the same amount? That's... stupid! If you're working 8 hours more than that other person then you should be getting more money than them.

But also, what about part time workers? If somebody only does say 20 hours a week, do they still get the monthly minimum wage?

Technically speaking, if two workers get the same wage to work different hours the only who works the less have a higher hourly wage. It's just a... different reasoning I guess 

What you are talking about is called partial time job and can't exceed 30 working hours a week. This system doesn't allow overtime if you work more than 26 hours a week and is overall uncommon (not all unions allow this hiring system)

The legal minimum wage is thus defined for a working month of 220 hours and 30 days. Hence with a 1100 BRL minimum wage you get effectively 5 BRL each hour

In  partial job system someone working only 20 hours a week you get a wage proportional to your working hours, using a 30 days month X 4 hours a day X  5 BRL per hour so you get a 600 BRL wage

Yeah so the one working more just gets screwed over with unpaid overtime. If a European employer tried to make their employees work an extra 8 hours a week for free then they'd get sued so fast!

Why not just have a 5BRL per hour minimum wage? Seems like it would be more fair for everybody.