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Fei-Hung said:

Like any console or device, it will live and die depending on software support and I think Sony missed a huge trick : creating games that are AA and work with our without VR.

On rail games are the best for this. God do I miss the days of playing Virtua Cop, Time Crisis, House of the Dead, Point Blank. 

Racing games are an obvious choice, but then you also have RTS games, Sports games and fighting games that could have little tweaks to add an extra layer.

What would you like to see in the next Sony VR?

I agree with @Peh

You cant just take a game and make it VR and call it a day. There are a variety of design choices both from the player and the environment/ enemies that would need to be considered.

Stuff like racing games and RTS would be fine yeah, because the fundamental experience doesn't change. Perhaps shooters as well, but there is a big difference between something like HL Aylx and just porting the Resistance series to VR. Sure, the latter could work.

But let's take rai, shooter for example : This would most definitely not work. These games are designed by having the player look in a single direction, with some variation. What exactly does VR add to this experience? You have 360 degree capabilities but enemies are just lined up in a single alleyway at a time?

If you give the enemies more freedom in location, how does that transfer go TV users?

Im not saying it cant be done, but for many genres there are lot of issued that need to be considered. So AA games feel almost out of the question.

That said, Sony does indeed have AA games with VR functionality. Bound can be played entirely in VR if you want. Concrete Genie has an optional VR mode.

As for what I want, whatever experience translates well go VR.