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mZuzek said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Why? What would it even be based on, 40 hour weeks?

If that is the case though, wow, that's crazy! You'd have to work 40? hours a week for 10 years just to buy a graphics card? :O

R$1100 is the minimum monthly wage for a full-time job.

I don't know how things are over there where you live Kapi, but it's quite obvious that whatever minimum wage is there, it's not what most people make on a full-time job. In Brazil, most jobs tread near the minimum wage level, for a supposed 40-hour work week (they often go well above 40 hours).

Why would you have a monthly minimum wage though? That's just weird. Especially if it's based on 40 hour weeks. In my experience anywhere from 35-40 hour weeks are all just as likely for full time workers.

I was using the hourly minimum wage, so to compare that to Brazil's (based on a 40 hour week), the RTX 3070 would be 0.9x monthly wages compared to Brazil's 10x while the PS5 would be 0.3x monthly wages compared to Brazil's 9x.

Ouch! Yep, y'all are getting screwed. Those prices are crazy high.