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mZuzek said:

Well, if they sell out in seconds, that kinda explains it, right? It's similar to the PS5 prices here. Those might not be the very top-end GPUs, but they're not far from it. New models, and stuff.

Are old GPUs like the 1050 Ti also going up in price everywhere? Cause I feel that's a Brazil thing only.

I'm not super familiar with the 10 series, but from what I can tell they seem to be back to their 2017 launch price again.
Which isn't nearly as bad as what's happening to newer or more powerful GPU's.

The reason more powerful GPU's are so expensive is a combination of crypto miners buying them all up, and scalpers buying what's left.
And retailers and/or manufacturers are also in on the scalping, by selling the cards far above the intended MSRP.

At least PS5's are still sold at MSRP, when they are in stock. Which isn't often.

Last edited by Hiku - on 18 March 2021