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Hiku said:
mZuzek said:

As a quick example, I bought a GTX 1060 about two years ago, for a then hefty price of R$1300. I can't find that model for sale now, but I do see the 1050 Ti, an inferior model, for R$1700. So it's considerably more expensive than a superior GPU bought two years ago. The prices of these things tend to go down over time, as with most technology, which only goes to show how far our economy's gone to shit.

That aside, GPU prices seem to have exploded worldwide, so it may be easier to gauge your situation using the example of a different product.

The RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti have an MSRP of $329 and $399. But this is what they were sold for at launch.

That's higher than the MSRP for the much more powerful RTX 3080. ($699)
And these all sell out in seconds.

Well, if they sell out in seconds, that kinda explains it, right? It's similar to the PS5 prices here. Those might not be the very top-end GPUs, but they're not far from it. New models, and stuff.

Are old GPUs like the 1050 Ti also going up in price everywhere? Cause I feel that's a Brazil thing only.