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Never bring up an arbitrary number. It's like Meta scores. It's a number that says literally nothing. It does not go into detail. It's just a number. You can't compare the art with a number. Hey, I can say The Ninja Warriors Arcade Soundtrack is a 10/10. Does that mean it's better than the 9.3 soundtracks? One is an arcade action game. The other is an RPG. One is to be upbeat to keep with the action. The other is to set tones and moods. Aiming for something entirely different. So even if I were to agree with a 9.3. It doesn't make Ninja Warriors better at a 10 when they aim for something entirely different. Now I can compare FFIX to FFVII in the same genre and series yes as to which one I enjoyed more. That said I would not put a number as FFIX OST is different than what FFVII is aiming for with its tone and story. Music helps tell a story. FFXV has an incomplete story and what is there, is bad. So the music can't really help tell it. It's not a very memorable OST. Like I said. No FF has had a bad OST. But none are very memorable. I can hear every FFIX track in my head. Can you remember every FFXV track in yours?

As for a number, it tells nothing about the art in analytical detail. It's a person who is saying "your opinion is invalid because a number that is someone else's opinions says so" You are not speaking yours but posting someone else' a simpler way that also just tells me jack shit. Don't reference the website's opinions. Speak your own.

Last edited by Leynos - on 16 March 2021

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