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Hynad said:
Leynos said:

Uematsu I like to think is 50% responsible for how special FF used to be. I don't think he can make a bad score. The Last Story is his weakest I know of and even it's still great. The music was the only good part of X. After he left no FF soundtrack has been worth listening to.

I agree with the part where you mention that Uematsu is responsible for 50% of what made the series special.

But to say that no FF soundtrack has been worth listening to since he left? I can’t get behind that. Because while no soundtrack in the series reached the peak of Uematsu’s virtuosity, Hitoshi Sakimoto did an excellent job on FF XII, and there are plenty of really good tracks in both XIII and XV. 

That being said, the soundtrack in FFVII Remake really gives a second life to the music Uematsu composed for the original, and the improvements made to the sounds, either via real instruments or much better sound samples, makes the music one of the strongest highlights of the game. A testament to how outstanding and timeless Uematsu’s compositions are.

FF7R is remixing old tracks and yes they were quite good but it would be like crediting the Xenoblade remake or the Trials of Mana remake as having a new OST when it was also just remixed/redone. FF has never had a bad OST but no new composition has been memorable since Uematsu left FF. I'm glad FF7R got Yasunori Nishiki as he is amazing. His work on Octopath is truly amazing. He is the next great RPG composer. He can be up there with Uematsu, Iwadare, and Mitsuda etc

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