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Bristow9091 said:
BraLoD said:

13 is better than 10... xD

10 = meh

hinch said:

FFX was decent RPG in its own right but an average FF game.

Leynos said:

FFX is shit.

Right? Like, I get that some (Crazy) people like different games than I do, but man, how could anyone say X was bad? I just went back and played that game again fully expecting to feel the age creeping in, but no! That game was hella good! The reward system and monster hunting/collecting system is great! The progression is amazing! I wish it was a bit more open (it's a very linear game with a few side areas), but other than that, holy hell what a great game! 

Got the platinum trophy and everything. No idea why people seemed to think that trophy was hard. I felt XII's platinum was far more difficult, if I'm being honest. 

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