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Bristow9091 said:
Runa216 said:

13 is legendarily bad (I won't go into it, my hatred for that game is well known here), FFXIV had one of the worst launches ever (but is pretty good today thanks to a rerelease)

"Pretty good"? I'd argue it's actually one of the best games in the series, especially the Heavensward story, that in itself is fucking phenomenal! Also if anyone is interested, the base game and Heavensward expansion are actually completely free to play now, that's Lv. 1-60 with so much content! I'd absolutely recommend anyone even remotely interested to give it a try, lol.

As for XIII, since I know you hate the game I won't go into it either, but I respectfully disagree with calling it "legendarily bad", lol

Free on PS4/5? If so, shiiiiit! I might need to try it! 

Yeah, all of my friends seem to speak remarkably highly of FFXIV now. They keep trying to get me to play it but I just don't like monthly fees for anything - it's one of the reasons I refuse to get GamePass (That and liking to own my games).

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