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Runa216 said:
BraLoD said:

I mean FF is a huge franchise, but ever since 12 (or 10 for some) it has greatly fallen from its top tier spot as a series, and GoW is on an all time high with GoW4 being considered by many (me included) the best game from the past gen.

I honestly didn't expect FF16 hype to be bigger, well, they didn't show us GoW5 at all up until now tho, so maybe we need a teaser/gameplay reveal.

Yeah, I hate dogpiling on a franchise I love but FFX was basically the end of the streak. I personally LOVEd XII, but 11, 13, 14, and 15 were all varying levels of disastrous or simply 'okay'. 11 was online, I never played it. 13 is legendarily bad (I won't go into it, my hatred for that game is well known here), FFXIV had one of the worst launches ever (but is pretty good today thanks to a rerelease), and while I personally enjoyed XV, I am not going to pretend it's a good game. the world-building and characters were grand, but the gameplay was really dull and repetitive and simple, while the story was an absolute joke of nonsensical garbage. 

FFVII Remake was amazing, though. I'm in the camp of absolutely loving what they did with it and may be doing with it in the future. I loved the gameplay/combat system, I loved the changes to the story, I loved the art and music and everything else. It's not 'flawless', but I can't think of anything I hate about it or even dislike. 

I think a lot of the reason XVI is getting a lot of love and admiration and anticipation is...a mix of things. It's got the story writers of XIV (which I'm told actually has a really good story; I've not played it so I cannot confirm or deny), a return to old fantasy and epic storytelling, and a combat system that looks like it's heavily inspired by VII Remake. Oh, and it's exclusive. I know that isn't a HUGE deal, but we all know how people can be when it comes to brand loyalty. It's super easy to get over-hyped when the game's an exclusive title. I personally keep forgetting that XVI is exclusive, while I for some reason thought Resident Evil Village was exclusive. 

I only have a PS5 and likely won't be getting the competition, so 'a good game is a good game for me' regardless of its exclusivity. Final Fantasy, Deathloop, Returnal, Kena, none of these strike me as exclusives because I don't believe them to be first party (I could be wrong), so they don't have as much PS hype, just gaming hype in general. 

13 is better than 10... xD

I mean 8 is nowhere near the quality of either 7 or 9 (specially 9), so the streak never existed IMO. 12 is absolutely phenomenal like 9.

I sadly haven't played either 11 or 14 but 14 looks like a damn good MMO. Have 15 sitting here for years and never touched it, and I remember being quite hyped for it before it released, but the demo gameplay was quite the letdown and I simply never got the urge to try it, lol.

7 = great, 8 = meh², 9 = masterpiece, 10 = meh [10-2 = decently meh], 12 = masterpiece, 13 = decent [13-2 = good, 13-3 (LR) = decently meh].

I would love to have tried 14 was it one time purchase only, paying eternally for games doesn't suit me at all tho.

Why do you hate 13 so much? It has a great story, a pretty decent combat and upgrade system, very lackluster scenarios and horrendous weapons. All in all the corridor scenarios weighted a lot less on me than what I see online. 10 was also VERY restrained and it doesn't get a fraction of 13's hate for it.