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I loved all three of the XIII

The first one had some intense battles. The battles would start with doom so you were immediately put on the clock. You had to go hard, fast, and risk it all.
13-2 had time travel.. oh and monsters as your team mates.
13-3 was the most unique of them all.

You couldn't grind for EXP. And you couldn't repeat quests. There was exactly enough items to finish every quest. Killing enemies enough brought up the "boss". Killing the boss made all those enemies extinct. You could literally extinct every monster in the game.

I would freeze time then immediately fight a monster. Getting all the points back AND time frozen.
Then the highway at the end where every monster gave you 5 points. Freeze time, heal, fight etc. Infinite time, heal, points etc.

I finished the game (every quests, extinct EVERY monster etc) on like day 6. There was like another 8 days left.

Also one of the few RPG's that you play 99% of it solo. A couple time it is paired but most of it was single.

Last edited by Bandorr - on 15 March 2021

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