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twintail said:
shikamaru317 said:

A leaker, don’t remember which one now. Was awhile ago, like back when they were first announced.

There originally being PS4 and X1 versions isn't surprising I suppose when you consider when the game was first announced. 
Other 3rd party exclusives releasing this year also have PS4 versions, so I'm not sure it follows that that this wouldn't if it wasn't possible.

But regardless of the truth, I wonder if MS would even release a theoretical X1 version in 2022. I'm curious to see what MS does on that.

Yeah, considering the timing of their release as well as the level of graphics on display, it does seem quite unlikely that they were designed from the ground up for PS5/Xbox Series originally. Makes more sense for Sony to risk a hatted game on early next-gen exclusivity than their own 1st party titles like Horizon: Forbidden West, less financial risk for them. I feel bad for Arkane though, because they are releasing Deathloop in May when PS5 is still going to be suffering from shortages and the PS5 install base will only be around 7-7.5m, I have to wonder how well it can possibly sell on PS5. Arkane's Dishonored 2 released when PS4's install base was at 46m and it only sold 311k physical first week on PS4 and about 2m physical lifetime, but it was a sequel to a beloved game, not a new IP. I hope for their sake that Sony markets the PS5 release well, and that it sells well on PC at launch (on a side note, I wonder if it will be on Gamepass PC at release?). I also hope that my fellow Xbox owners support it well when it releases on Xbox in May 2022.

Yeah, I'm not sure if MS will choose to release the XB1 version or if they too will cancel it. I think they'd be fine with a cross-gen release in May 2022, but for the Holiday 2022 Xbox release of Ghostwire Tokyo they may want to go Xbox Series only, dunno.