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dx11332sega said:
twintail said:

Not financially profitable, and therefore not desirable enough to get ppl to jump onto GamePass.

Your best bet is that they do what Sony is doing with Returnal, and funding a more AAA budget game on the shmup concept.

I know finacially won't profit , but why must Sony do it if they won't profit neither? Sony should spend it on more exclusives that masses want Ie rpg's or shooters, Kena bridge is great, noone cared of that new raiden shmup last year , I know shmup fans like myself are bottom of the barrel to get another quality shmup but mmicrosof s willing to burn.

Maybe I've misunderstood what you wrote, but:

1. Sony has a good relationship with Housemarque. Returnal is the risk they're both taking because their bullet hell esque games were too niche.

2. Sony doesn't make RPGS or Shooters because 3rd parties already do a lot of that.

If Returnal succeeds, maybe MS will try again.