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Darwinianevolution said:
Ka-pi96 said:

I actually disagree with this. I'd rather they have less Pokemon in future games rather than more.

It really annoys me how many Pokemon from previous gens they put in the new ones. The different regions in Pokemon don't feel that different if they all share the same Pokemon. I really loved gen 5 and Isshu for that reason. It only had new Pokemon, none of the old ones at all, which really made it feel new, unique and interesting. Unfortunately that doesn't seem like something that'll ever happen again, especially not with the recent gen 1 nostalgia drive Gamefreak have been on. But I'd still love more Pokemon that can only be found in a specific region, nowhere else, that makes those Pokemon, the region they're in and the game more interesting IMO.

Why would you want less content in the games you play?

Why would you want the same content you've already got rather than more new content? Especially when a lot of that content you've already got isn't that good. IMO the vast majority of gen 1 Pokemon designs are crap, so all of the gen 1 pandering Gamefreak has done lately has been pretty annoying to say the least.

Plus variety is nice. I can't think of any other game that re-uses the exact same enemies in every single entry and I certainly don't want any games like that, it'd be boring.