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Hey vgchartz. It's true I haven't posted in a while but I'm still here, still home.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of sound tracks of video games. Of those, there are a few that bring out an emotion in me. It made me realize that many games I've played in the past have stirred up emotions in me, but have also been able to teach me some things about myself, and about the world around me.

And it made me wonder, what about you? I'm sure there are games you've played which made you think, either by the way the world was built, the story that led you somewhere to question your actions or the actions of a character. The visuals or the music matching the situation may have made it so that you thought hard about yourself, or perhaps not so hard but enough so that, as you were off playing the game, the ideas floated in your mind and changed your view on things. Let's put some spoiler tags on parts that need to be shared about a game that might happen later.

I consider myself a gamer, more in the good old NES/SNES/N64/PS/GC/PS2 days, but I still sometimes play. Back in those days, I remember when the lifestream in FFVII and the way the Mako reactors were pulling all the life out of the planet made me sad, and how that there was more to the world than wealth and power. How there was a spiritual battle deep inside the world of FFVII to protect the world against monstrous people or things that want to destroy it, and how the spirit of Aeris was ingrained into the world.
I also remember the quietness of Kakariko village during the night, with people living their lives, and the feeling that things move on, even if you were in a crystal glass for 7 years. I remember the sadness I felt when the world had been overcome by Ganondorf, and then discovering more dark mysterious secrets around the world, and the quietness of the world calmed my soul and also filled it with wonder about the world around Link (me).

I look forward to reading your experiences, feel free whoever you are.