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trunkswd said:
shikamaru317 said:

They have some pretty good shows though so I will probably sub for a few months after awhile and binge some stuff. Star Trek wise, while Picard and Discovery are kind of hot garbage imo and Strange New Worlds also looks to be hot garbage, Lower Decks and Prodigy seem like they might be worth a try. They have reboots of Frasier and iCarly coming which both interest me. They have a good documentary about the Sega-Nintendo console wars of the early 90's and the legend himself, Tom Kalinske. And of course they'll have the Halo show which might be good. Plus of course they have a bunch of older CBS shows as streaming exclusives, and future Paramount movies will be streaming exclusive to it. They said they plan to spend $5b+ on original content for it through 2024, so there are definitely more originals coming before 2024 than they have announced so far. 

I watched season 1 of Disco and it was awful. Picard wasn't bad, but it just didn't feel like Star Trek. Lower Decks looks decent enough. For me I am only willing to spend so much on streaming services. Netflix, Prime and Disney+ is my limit. 

Yeah, it's kind of hard to be more tone deaf to what fans of a franchise want than CBS has been recently. Discovery was terrible and I'm sure it's 2 spinoffs, Strange New Worlds and Section 31, will be just as bad. Picard seems somewhat better though still not what most TNG era Trek fans wanted out of it. Lower Decks seems ok in spite of being a comedy, and I have hopes for the new young adult focused Star Trek Prodigy that they are doing with Nickelodeon, which will also be on Paramount+. I really wish they weren't so tone deaf to what the older fanbase wants though, would love it if they made a new Trek series that was actually focused on what the older fans want. Both Michael Dorn and Garret Wang have expressed interest in having their own shows focused on older versions of Worf and Harry Kim respectively and aimed at the older fanbase, but CBS seemingly turned them both down, they only care about this new fanbase they've created. 

I guess I'll just have to stick with the Hulu exclusive The Orville, it is much more classic Trek than these CBS Trek shows will ever be, despite not having the Trek name attached to it. It has several of the old Trek writers and producers, cameos from several of the old Trek actors, both Jonathan Frakes and Robert Duncan McNeil have directed episodes of it. Seth MacFarlane is a fan of classic Trek and it shows.