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dx11332sega said:

they should release their games on ps5 and xbox and have xbox boost sales through gamepass and microsoft give nice bag of cash for being there, then a surprise announcement on a switch version now that gamepass provided enough hype , I see noone cares for fighting ex layer on forums most of them since it's sales bombed hard and could of hyped on xbox gamepass to give it a boost on swich afterwards , I feel some devs put their games out to die? same happen with bbtag and undernight irrilevant and skullgirls obscurity, blade strangers example of dieing. those games use low graphics but skip xbox only to be irrelevant again . I do want more switch games yes, but many fighting games and others died since fighting games are not as demanding as jrpgs.same with shmups and other genres sent to die.

A studio like Arc Systems only has so much money at their disposal to get stuff done. Not only are they working on games, they're also in the publishing business. GBV still had DLC released for it.

Even a game like FF14 from a company like SE is has basically been skipping Xbox. The reasoning is that they can't do the porting, work on the DLC, and maintain so many platforms without without the constant updates suffering for it. And those updates are the lifeline that keeps the game going.

The point is that cash is not some endless supply. Work schedules are not limitless. If Arc System is not going Xbox versions is because they 1) either can't do so based on their current business plan, or 2) they are happy with sales the way they are. Let's not forget they they do PC releases, too.

dx11332sega said:
Loneken said:

I really wanted to play Fighting ex layer and King of fighter 14. But im a xbox player. Snk and Arc sys should put theirs games in gamepass and swicht.
Fughting games are niche. They need to release this games in all platforms.

Killer instinct had 10 million thanks to gamepass

Killer Instinct was F2P. It was also designed for Xbox and Windows only, and is MS published. 

It's not even remotely the same as companies like Arc System and SNK.