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Yeah, Nintendo does get too greedy. They've been total garbage this generation with their absurd overpricing of everything, from controllers to games to the console itself. The worst example of an overpriced port continues to be Tropical Freeze, removed from the Wii U eShop where it was selling for $20 to be sold on the Switch for $60.

The only port I've bought so far was Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and I don't feel too good about that one, but it's Mario Kart, so...

Skyward Sword HD I'm definitely getting, no questions asked. One of my favorite games ever, been looking forward to this port for a while. I agree they could have done more with it, but honestly, I'm more than fine with what we got. 1080p resolution as expected, but 60fps very much not expected and very appreciated. Traditional controls for those who'd want it. I suppose they could've done more graphically, but it already looks good, and content-wise I'd rather them keep it the same game. In this case, really, I don't think they should've done more with it, but yeah they could've sold it at a lower price. They get away with stuff, though, so they won't. That simple.

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