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Hellblade launched after the Switch had released and before Microsoft purchased Ninja Theory, very likely they had already planned to release on Switch and as we've seen with other studios Microsoft has purchased, they're honouring pre existing planned console versions. Hellblade was already Multiplatform before Microsoft stepped in, it released on Windows/PlayStation 4 first so there was very little reason to keep that off Switch.

Minecraft is the go to augment for when people wanna say Microsoft won't keep any of their purchased studio games exclusive but again, it was already Multiplatform before Microsoft purchased Mojang as it was on PlayStation 3 at that point. A game like Minecraft coming to every system was pretty much a given. Minecraft is a Multiplatform IP and was likely always planned to stay that way as Minecraft dungeons also is on everything. Minecraft is the exception not the rule.

Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Moon Studios aren't property of Microsoft, all Microsoft did was publish and as we've seen in the past ... That doesn't always mean the game won't ever come to other systems. It's likely Ori was never planned to be fully exclusive from the start. Cuphead is the only other game that was billed as a Microsoft exclusive, they got removed as the Publisher before the game even launched. So that remaining exclusive was always in doubt.

I very much doubt anything else outside of the Minecraft universe will come to the Switch from now on. Hellblade 2 is in development from a first party studio now and Infinite ... Isn't ever leaving Microsoft's ecosystem (Windows, Xbox). They made a system for people like you, people who want to play these games but can't validate the £450 price tag of the Series X ... It's called the Series S for £250 and when those games release drop £8 (basic Gamepass price) for the month to play em.

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