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NSW: 24M
PS5: 11M


NSW: 7.5M
PS5: 4.25M


NSW: 5.5M
PS5: 850k
XBS: 40k


NSW: 6.5M
PS5: 5M

Predicting the PS5 & Series X|S is a tough one. Stock issues are going to be a limiting factor, but for how long, and will eventual restocks allow the to make up for it later in the year?

Even the Switch isn't easy as demand for consoles in general is still up due to the pandemic. However, stock issues could hurt it as well as that's been a recurring issues with consoles.

For all of them, even assuming good stock the pandemic will likely continue to result in inflated demand for consoles. Will life fully return to normal early enough for people to start spending money on what is tremendous pent-up demand for away-from-home entertainment? If stock is plentiful and there's no end in sight for COVID by the latter half of the year, then a cooped-up public could still continue to spend greater-than-normal amounts of money on at-home entertainment like consoles.

In any case, I'm going to assume that the Switch experiences a roughly 15% YoY drop and that total PS5 & Series X|S sales will be slightly worst than total PS4+XBO sales were in 2014,with the two of them being slightly closer than their predecessors, esp. in the U.S.

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In accordance to the VGC forum rules, §8.5, I hereby exercise my right to demand to be left alone regarding the subject of the effects of the pandemic on video game sales (i.e., "COVID bump").