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mk7sx said:

With current information:

381K < NSW JAN 2021 < 466K​
217K < PS5 JAN 2021 < 424K​
PS5 JAN 2021 < NSW JAN 2021
XBS ???
Hope we get leaks soon on Era.  
VGC has 3 weeks recorded for Jan.
NSW - 267K
PS5 - 193K
So I think both are a little under-tracked even once the 4th week is added in (3wk avg would put them at 356K NSW and 257K PS5).

Switch at 380k at an ASP of $270 as base for everything that follows: $102.6m.

PS5 at an ASP of $480 for a total of $120m: 250k. (PS5 SKU split 4:1 in favor of standard model.)

XSX|S at an ASP of $420 for a total of $90m: 214k. (XSX|S SKU split 3:2 in favor of Series X, because it seems evident that Microsoft has produced more Series S than Sony did of the PS5 Digital Edition.)

Revenue sum: 102.6m + 120m +90m = 312.6m

That leaves only $6.4m for the other remaining hardware: PS4, XB1, 3DS, whatever else is recorded by NPD. Could be too small of a rest, in which case XSX|S could be estimated to be 190k at the ASP mentioned above to free up $10m for last gen hardware.

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