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RolStoppable said:
LurkerJ said:

Waiting for the idiots to fall inline and explain to me how EPIC is pro-gamer.

Epic is attempting to break up the Steam monopoly on the PC. Steam is bad for gamers because games are sold for cheap prices there.

Not anymore. Hell all the games i got over the xmas for PC i ended up getting on Epic cos they where cheaper then anywhere else thanks to the unlimited 10€ off coupon that worked with any deal over 14.99€. And even before that i was mostly getting games from other stores such as Humble Bundle, Fanatical etc as they where having better deals lately.


Epic have said one of their reasons for exclusives is Steam has final say over PC game prices.

Yep, Monopoly's are never a good thing.

Plus damn Epic have giving me a nice collection of games for free that like Roma said, i will get around to playing most of them at some point!!!.

Now all i want is free games and 10 off coupons or the deal just isnt worth it damnit!!!!.