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Hiku said:

I've watched games on Youtube that I thought I'd like, but ended up not liking.
And games I thought I'd dislike, but ended up liking.

I've also played games (for a few hours) and thought it seems alright, but I'm not in the mood for this type of game.
Only to come back to it a year later and realize it was quite different than I imagined, and ended up being one of my favorite games of all time.

And there were also portions of the story that I straight up thought were poorly written, which put me off.
Then c.a. 30 hours later I find out there was additional context to it, and it was actually foreshadowing and a hint towards a plot twist. Which is something I like.
When you could have potentially figured it out because there were some subtle hints dropped, rather than the plot twist coming out of nowhere.

@mZuzek knows which game I'm talking about, since I told him about this last year.

It's definifely not LoD because you certain loved it from the moment you first booted it up, right?