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Zkuq said:

What's interesting about this after Troy is that this will be released on Steam this year, meaning there's no year-long Epic exclusivity and probably no exclusivity at all.

Anyway, this might finally be the moment I try out the Warhammer games... probably by buying the second game once its price drops. I know now that Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 are different things, but I'm still quite repulsed from the name by what Warhammer 40,000 is (or at least seems to me). The Total War: Warhammer series seems kind of nice though, so I should probably get into it at some point.

Yeah, they've confirmed the game and all DLC will release at the same time on all its storefronts.

Seems kind of crazy to me that people thought exclusivity was a possibility in the first place. I mean you need to own the previous games/DLCs to be able to play that content in the new one and they've already confirmed that currently means having to re-buy the 1st two games and all DLC if you want to play it in the combined TWWH 1-3 campaign map, seems pretty crazy to me that people thought they'd force everybody to re-buy everything again on Epic. That's like... worse than the kind of shit EA do

I'd definitely recommend giving it a go though. Especially if you've liked past Total War games. It's that, just with a fantasy setting and it's great fun.