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Update: Today the voice actress for Amy said that she is being replaced, and suggested that the full voice cast from her era of Sonic (2010-2020) is being replaced. 

The one possible exception is Mike Pollack, Eggman's voice actor, when she tweeted that, he replied with this:

People aren't really sure if he is hinting that he is out too, or if he is hinting that she is wrong about the whole cast being replaced because he is staying. 

My personal theory is that they plan to use the Sonic movie actors for the next main 3D Sonic game, released as a tie-in for the 2nd Sonic movie April 2022. If my theory is right, we will get Sonic voiced by Ben Schwartz, Eggman voiced by Jim Carrey, Tails voiced by whatever actor the cast for the 2nd movie (they used the game actress for the Tails cameo in the first Sonic movie, but I suspect there will be a Hollywood replacement for the sequel movie), and whoever they cast for Knuckles (rumored that Dwayne Johnson is in negotiations).