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noname2200 said:

A claymation Star Fox made by College Humor? If true, the leaker was doing God's work...

Sure, go ahead, take the leaker's side without even thinking about the Zelda series going down too.

anonymunchy said:

Nintendo isn't going to cancel something entirely just because someone talked about it. That would be a massive waste of resources. They could have janked Netflix from the project and moved to a different platform though. 

Article is all nonsense.

You clearly don't know how petty Nintendo can be. They shut down a Smash Bros. tournament just because it used mods.

Mar1217 said:

Honestly, it might seem believable but I wonder if Nintendo would've really cancelled such time consuming projects and canned them simply because someone leaked their existence onto the web.

Still, a Star Fox program taking inspiration from the Fantastic Mr. Fox and most presumably the SF muppets skits they did would be quite the idea !

Yes they'd do that. This is Nintendo we're talking about. -_-

Link_Nines.XBC said:

I doubt it'd be cancelled only because it leaked. Anyway, maybe it was for the better

*slits Link_Nines' ankles and leaves him to be mauled by wolves*

FarleyMcFirefly said:

I really worry about the idea of live action Zelda... I think its first go at television since the old animated show should be anime.

You mean should've been anime, right? Otherwise you're not making sense.