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mZuzek said:
kazuyamishima said:

268 and counting. Can it reach 280??

It's the general consensus in this site that this game is one of the worst goty and this year was one of the weakest one ever seen related to gaming and that 2017 had really tough competition and was the best year ever??

I don't really care about that argument for this year, for all I care and see 2020 was quite a good year for videogames even if I've barely played any releases. But yeah it doesn't compare to 2017. No other year compares to 2017, really. That year was just masterpiece after masterpiece after masterpiece, it was absolutely ridiculous. Game of the year shortlist didn't even cover all of the 10/10 games that year (because it didn't choose all of the best ones, but still).

2017 was definitely the best year this last gen.