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After 10 years, Roger Craig Smith has been replaced as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega:

Sega has always had a habit of replacing voice actors on the Sonic games, Sonic himself will now be on his 4th actor after 21 years of voiced Sonic games, Knuckles is now on his 6th voice actor, and Tails is on his 6th actor/actress. Roger Craig Smith as Sonic and Travis Willingham as Knuckles had the 2 longest stints as Sonic and Knuckles respectively of any actor so far, Roger was the voice of Sonic for 10 years from 2010-2020, while Travis was the voice of Knuckles for 8 years from 2010-2018, before being replaced by Dave B Mitchell in Team Sonic Racing. 

On the plus side to this news, the fact that Roger just learned that he has been replaced seemingly means that voice recording has now started on Sonic Team's next big Sonic game, which is rumored to be getting a late 2021 release with 4 years of development for Sonic's 30th anniversary this year. Since voice recording is among the final stages of game development, the project does seem to still be on schedule for release this year.


Today the voice actress for Amy said that she is being replaced, and suggested that the full voice cast from her era of Sonic (2010-2020) is being replaced. 

The one possible exception is Mike Pollack, Eggman's voice actor, when she tweeted that, he replied with this:

People aren't really sure if he is hinting that he is out too, or if he is hinting that she is wrong about the whole cast being replaced because he is staying. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 03 February 2021