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My top 3 games of the generation are all third-parties, though one of them was financed by a first-party company (not Sony or Nintendo) and one of them is (for now) an exclusive. Extend that to top 4 and you get one first-party exclusive game from Nintendo, which by the way is best experienced on PC via emulation.

(Edit: By the way, two of these games are in the top 5 best-reviewed games of 2020, with one of them being the year's #1. The other game, despite not being as well-received and barely being even nominated for any awards, has gone on to become incredibly successful with audiences everywhere as well as massively impactful in the gaming industry as a whole. Goes to show how much critics dictate the tastes of people, right.)

I get what you're saying about critics and awards @Cerebralbore101 but treating subjective opinions as fact isn't the way to go, even if it's the opinion of professional critics.

Last edited by mZuzek - on 23 January 2021