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AsGryffynn said:

vivster said:

I wonder what'll happen when Biden's 8 years are over and all of the cultists suddenly have a much better life. I guess they're gonna attribute that to Trump's forward planning?

Even I wonder who on God's Green Earth™ expects Biden to be more than a rollback to Obama era policies that didn't really do an awful lot for anyone besides attempt to eliminate Bush's horrific errors and rectify most of his mistakes. 

Damn any person who thinks he may even be able to run in 2024.

Like seriously, get your head checked. He's going to be replaced. By who I have no clue, which reminds me: who do you think gets either party's nomination in 2024? 

Joe Biden doesn't count.  

As long as people make the mistake of voting for Republicans reverting the damage they have caused is the best thing anyone can expect. That's not on Biden or Obama. They just try their best to revert the country back from the hellhole Republicans left it to be. Real progress will come when Democrats actually stay in power.

But I don't expect anything else from people like you, since this is their favorite talking point against Democrats. "Democrats never achieve anything". Yeah, no shit sherlock, of course they can't achieve anything if they are always busy with reverting Republican damage and all of their actual progressive pushes are constantly heavily sabotaged in a spirit of "bipartisanship".

Biden is going to be better than Obama. Not necessarily because he's more progressive, but because he has both the power of the houses and increasingly loud progressive voices within his party. He doesn't actually have to do much except for reverting everything Trump did. All he needs to do is put progressives in high positions and they'll do the work. Bernie's new position alone will make more difference than anything Biden could ever do by himself. Biden is going to be a useful figurehead, but nothing more.

Biden has already said he's going to forgo bipartisan efforts if Republicans don't play nice and that's already the best anyone can hope for.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.