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AsGryffynn said:
SvennoJ said:

And they would be right while completely missing the point. Masks, like social distancing, reduce spread. They don't prevent it, you're still not 100% safe with a mask, estimates only go up to 90% effectiveness for masks and that's for good quality masks. However when Rt is 1.8, stopping 50% is enough to get Rt below 1 and the virus will die out. Of course a little basic understanding of math and probabilities in particular helps.

Even then, not a single member highlighted this isn't really how transmission is stopped. Masks don't prevent the virus from coming in, they keep it from going out. The analogy would work best if you asked them to spit on their mask and then at you. A wet mask on the outside will wet through to the inside, but no one is going to go around rubbing masks on each other to share the Corona. 

That's not true. The standard masks reduce the amount coming in by 70% and going out by 80%, so they're almost as effective at preventing it from coming in as they are keeping it from going out.

Don't have an English source, sorry. But the figures are the amount that gets through the mask, so the lower the better. You can clearly see the arrows leading in have a reduction to the amount getting through.