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KratosLives said:

I still don't understand how someone as old as biden has managed to run for and become president. America has completely lost it. Really you can't find an educated younger leader who has a chance of survival in the next few years..

"None of this proves they were out to kill anyone. You have over a 100 mill trump supporters, many who feel they have been screwed over. I'm sure there are many. Hardcore supporters, yet no one has taken arms and gone to the streets guns firing. No terrorist attacks, in any of the 52 states.  Where is this fanatic outrage in the streets?? Their hero and the president , leader has called foul play and yet no riots in the streets." 

So... when people support a 74 year old man for president to the point where he is their "hero" and they are rioting solely because he "called foul play", you want to give them all gold stars for not committing acts of terrorism (debatable).

When people elect a man who is 4 years older, that's when they've completely lost it!!! XD

I know you're sad that your great awakening didn't happen, but you're embarrassing yourself here. 

Edit: Closer to 3 1/2 years actually.

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 21 January 2021