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KratosLives said:

I still don't understand how someone as old as biden has managed to run for and become president. America has completely lost it. Really you can't find an educated younger leader who has a chance of survival in the next few years..

Joe Biden is 78 years old. 

Donald Trump is 74. 70 when he was voted in.

Despite this, Donald Trump sounds like a crazy person spouting about chemtrails and the rapture on the street corner while Biden just sounds like old captain america. While he's certainly old, at least he's coherent. I do not understand what this obsession is with the right pointing fingers any time a democratic leader isn't in tip top shape. Remember how hilariously stupid it was when there were actual, widespread conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton's health? Remember how that was a big deal even on fox news and OAN? 

It's not about wrong or right, it's about right vs the left. It's kinda gross. 

Like, remember Obama's scandals? Like that time he wore an unflattering beige suit? Or how about that time he had FANCY dijon mustard and Fox news tried to rip him a new one? 

But hey, best not raise a fuss about those fucking kids in cages, eh? That's just bipartisan hackery. Nope, has NOTHING to do with human rights violations or potential war crimes. Not about the concern know, the health and safety of a vilified minority, that's just the left attacking the right. That's political, not ethical. Because the Right only sees things in us vs them terms. Everything is binary and simplified. If you're not with us, you're against us. 

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